First Baptist Church of Leadville is an Independent Baptist Church which has maintained a presence in the community since 1952. Following in the steps of faithful servants of God that brought the gospel to the Leadville community and laid the framework for FBC, the following FBC pastors have faithfully poured their lives into the church and community:

  •             Marion Kirk (1952-1954)
  •             Roy Baese (1954-1959)
  •             Lloyd Holt (1961-1962)
  •             Ray Allen (1962-1966)
  •             Kenneth Dobson (1967-1987)
  •             Russell Baker (1987-2013)
  •             Andrew Scott (2013-2019)
  •             Tanner Thetford (2019-Present)

FBC has seen seasons of both prosperity and struggle in its 60+ years of existence. The current body of believers is very excited about building on the foundation of faithfulness in the past, reestablishing the mission and vision of the church in the present, and seeing God continue to do a special work with the church and community in the future. FBC desires to be a gospel-centered, Spirit-driven, Word-saturated, church that appeals to a broad base of ages and lifestyles in the community.